1. Where are you located?

In Fresno, California. As such all of our projects are located in and around Fresno, California. Fresno has just the market for our strategy: Large and consistent first time home buyers market, and affordable housing that is not volatile. Even in the worst of economic and real estate conditions we continued to perform according to objectives. We encourage investors to visit and take a first hand look at what we do.

2. How will I stay informed?

Investors receive a login. Via online they can see their money at work. Pictures and progress on projects they are invested in are routinely updated.

3. How much money do I need to start?

$5,000 to start.

4. Can I use IRA funds?

Yes. Ampez Investments actively places funds from Self Directed IRAs. However, please contact your plan representative as all IRAs have different rules and regulations.

5. What’s your typical property you invest in?

Ampez Rehab Investments only invests on vacant, non-owner occupied homes. We mainly focus on single family homes.  Our main focus in this market is first time buyers as they make up the majority of the market. That being said most projects are sold between $150-250,000.  Most projects have accepted offers in the first two weeks. Ampez holds to the strategy of fixing, repairing, and selling very quickly. We have never held on to properties. All of our projects have sold. This allows us to always adapt to current market conditions. Projects typically take 4-6 months from acquisition to sale date.

6. What is the yield?

Annualized yield is 14%.

7. How is Payment Received?

Return comes in 12 equally divided interest payments on the first of each month. Payments are received through direct deposit or live check.

8. Once I’ve committed to be an investor, what should I expect?

Please see our process HERE.

9. Is it safe?

Every investment has risk. However, unlike many other investments, real estate investing is unique in the investor owns a piece of land.

10. Investing with Ampez seems too good to be true. What is the catch?

The risk adjusted returns of capital investments are very attractive. That being said, there is no such thing as a free lunch. First of all these investments are not liquid and therefore cannot be converted into cash quickly. We are unique in the fact we do not seek unlimited growth and we are heavily involved in the management process. Our aim is to stay relatively small and be in control of all aspects of the investing process.

11. Can I  receive my money back at any time?

Yes. Due to real estate not being as liquid as other investments this may take as little as 14 days or as long as 4 months.

12. What is LTV? Why is it important?

LTV means loan-to-value. If a property is worth $400,000 and the loan amount is $240,000, then the LTV is the ratio of these two numbers (60%). The LTV is important because the margin of safety is directly related to the LTV. A low LTV means a higher margin of safety for the investor. An LTV of 60% or lower is generally a good signal.

13. Who in my network might be able to advise me on these types of investments outside of Ampez Rehab Investments?

Having an excellent team is always important and we suggest you check with your tax advisor, financial or retirement planner, accountant, and/or your attorney.

14. Who can invest in Ampez Investments?

Private individuals, corporations, pension plans, 401Ks, custodianships, LLCs, retirement funds, IRAs, Self-Directed IRAs. Some retirement amounts have limits so please check with your custodian or agent.

15. Do you require fire insurance on the property?


15. Do you guarantee work performed on properties?

All work is done by licensed contractors who are bonded and insured. In addition all work is guaranteed for one year minimum. Quality is top priority.

16. Will I be given a complete profile on the property?

Yes.  Investors know the exact property they are invested in. Clients receive bi-monthly updates on the progress of the property. Investors my visit the project at anytime to personally view it if they so wish. Investors may request any and all documents  at any time pertaining to a project.

17. What tax documents do I receive?

Investors receive a 1099-DIV statement at the end of each year.

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